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No More Blog

Since I can't figure out how to just delete the whole blog, I'm just not going to post here anymore. Sorry :/


Apple and HD

It's a couple weeks old, but I still found this article to be pretty interesting. Just goes to show how Apple really is driving the HD revolution!



Training tomorrow.. and of course, this means that I can't mention anything about my job from this point on! Wish me luck!


My iLap

Apparently, my iLap is ugly. Everyone that sees it cringes.

It keeps my lap cool and protects generations of future Dans from extinction. I love my iLap... so why must everyone be so cruel?


Nude drive-thru, anyone?

I know it's not Mac-related, but Shel found this on the MacMinute forums anyway. A strip club with a drive-thru, CHEAP! And gosh is it a classy joint, too. What's funny is that I think I actually remember seeing this in the news (as the eBay site is sure to mention) a few years back.

I'm just trying to figure out if it's more of a drive-thru peep show or actual live drive-thru stripping. I mean, I won't bid until I have all the facts. It's just good business sense.

My Bush Post

I'm a Bush supporter, on good days. I hate reading the transcripts of his non-scripted speeches, though. Because, honestly, how in the world can one man get so disasterously off track? And his Q&A transcripts are even worse! I've lived in Texas, and although they may be slow, being a Texan does not provide anyone a free pass to speak like a ten year-old struggling to explain to their teacher the purpose of the science project that their mom did for them the night before it was due because they're a lazy dumbass and didn't pay attention in class. I just need something to explain this man's severe lack of English language skills. Dyslexia? Laura Bush is too sweet to marry a retard.

With that said, I love debating this whole social security privatization issue, and while I may stand with Bush on this one (God forgive me), I can still laugh at the idiocy of the political strategery behind it all. I found this (second article down, the FAQ) just browsing the blogosphere.. if you haven't seen it already, I hope you can enjoy!



Is anyone else a fan of A&E? I can't get enough of their movies ("Shamus" is on!) and Caesar's 24/7 is as good as reality TV gets. Granted, Murder She Wrote is hard to swallow, but every channel has its weaknesses ;)

More random bits

So no satellite radio for the iPod. I assume that's no huge surprise. Steve Jobs' philosophy is much less isolationist than in the 80's, but doing any type of potential shared revenue deal seems tough for him to swallow. Anyone have an opinion on that?

I've been reading a lot of post-Superbowl opinions of Jacksonville, and now everyone seems to be able to praise it. It really does just take time to get used to this place. It took me a year to stop hating it. In fact, now I love it. I'm still waiting for my Apple employment info in the mail, but I guess I should have asked Dave (the asst. manager) when exactly to expect it.

My girlfriend just got bitched at by the new management at our apartment complex. She went to put the garbage outside our door and of course there was someone from management standing there. If we do it again, we get fined. You know, it would help if there was a garbage compactor within a 3-mile radius of the building we're in. I'm also supposed to inform my roommate that he should stop throwing his cigarette butts on the ground. This guy is such a moron.. it doesn't take much common sense to know not to throw cigarette butts RIGHT in front of your own door.

Oh! I found my new favorite website. All vector based.. I scrolled from Jacksonville to Miami without reloading anything! Seems pretty accurate, too. I don't know why it excites me so much.. I showed my girlfriend and there wasn't even a raised eyebrow involved in her reaction.

Oh well.
Happy Chinese New Year!


Don't Buy from Me

I am possibly the worst eBayer I know of. For the life of me, I just cannot seem to ship internationally without running into wall after wall. Today, for instance, I finally got everything together to ship the stereo to this guy who lives in Canada. I get to the UPS Store and I fill out the shipping form, they package everything up, and get ready to ring me up. "Where's the recipient's phone number?" they ask. I tell them he didn't give me one. "Well we need that or we can't ship it." Great. I knew this too. I've actually had this problem before but it was so long ago, I guess my mind just let it slip. I'm sure I'll try sending it out again, but these things never seem to be my priority. Yeah, that's right, I'm the guy that charges $35 for S&H and gives 2-3 week shipping estimates. eBay should really cancel my account, but nobody ever leaves me enough negative feedback. In fact, my feedback number is actually still positive. It blows my mind.. really.. I laugh about it. I'm laughing about it right now. Please, someone get me suspended. I don't know who's twisted idea it was to sign me up and give me this much responsibility. It must stop.

The last package I sent overseas, which happened to be an Apple Cinema Display, never even GOT to Italy. Or did it. It's still in limbo, and no one even knows where it is. I'm sure it will show up at my door in a few months, beaten and battered, with a "Return to Sender" label slapped on it. No doubt the guy is pissed, and he should be because it was absolutely my fault by screwing up his customs information. I'm just that bad. So, to all you potential international customers, beware of me on eBay. I'm a lazy, bungling idiot and I tend to confuse myself quite a bit. Basically, I'm prone to getting just about anything and everything about your order utterly wrong.

And I won't even give you your money back.